Privacy Notices for Pupils and Their Family

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City Catering COVID-19 Response

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Useful food delivery contact information


Not yet live (as at 1.4.20) will provide a searchable network of small shops who can deliver 


(tel 01782 717806 – option 1 for customer service) 

Order between 7am and 4pm for next day delivery. Grocery boxes from £30 - £60 

Fresh Grocery Delivery 

Tel 07855 777828 and on Facebook 

Delivers food boxes from £20 including meat, fruit and veg plus general groceries 


Register an account on line and select items for delivery 

Click to Your Door 

Delivers groceries and grocery boxes 


tel 01782 777777or via the app 

Delivery of basics, ie bread and milk 

Wayne Walker 

Tel 01782 818556 

Delivers fresh fruit, veg and meat

Child Safety

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Local Authority Transport Policy

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