The Curriculum at Portland     

Portland School works with the community in Stoke-on-Trent to support young people and their families to overcome the barriers that prevent them from becoming effective citizens.  We provide an integrated caring service working with other agencies to identify needs, upholds the rights and emphasise the responsibilities of young people who have special needs.  

Portland enable young people, who have not necessarily had a positive experience of education, to enjoy success and reach their potential in a small nurturing environment.  We aim to set clear expectations and boundaries that all pupils of all abilities equal opportunities to achieve their personal goals.

Our curriculum vision statement was created in collaboration with children, parents and staff.

Curriculum Vision Statement

Portland School has a commitment to develop a curriculum that really attends to the needs of our children.  Our curriculum ambition is to prepare children with life skills that focus on individual employability and that will give them the tools to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Recognising how our students love to learn we will engage them more in practical activities, especially those connected to life experiences.  They love the outdoors and so our curriculum will offer more outdoor learning.  We aim to offer active learning with hands on approaches.

To expand the outlook and opportunities of our students we are committed to linking curriculum to community: locally, nationally and globally.  We wish for our curriculum to inspire more partnership with parents to enhance the home learning environment and nurture our families.

Finally, we seek to make our curriculum academically challenging for the children while engaging then in fun, playful and creative learning experiences.

Curriculum Information

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If you would like more information about the curriculum, please contact the School and speak with our Deputy Headteacher, Mr G Anderson.